Why invest in Mauritius?

Mauritius is a haven of happiness! With its blend of cultures, rich and varied heritage, and warm-hearted inhabitants, you'll feel at home from the moment you arrive. Discover the Mauritian way of life, characterized by friendliness and generosity, and let yourself be charmed by this unique experience!


The Property Development Scheme (PDS) is a legal framework developed to facilitate the acquisition of residential property in Mauritius by foreign nationals. Under the PDS program, a non-Mauritian citizen can obtain a residence permit if the value of the acquired real estate is equal to or exceeds $375,000.

Foreign nationals can acquire real estate properties in full ownership through the PDS (Property Development Scheme).


The advantages of the PDS plan are as follows:

  • Full ownership acquisition of a residence.

  • A non-Mauritian citizen can obtain a residence permit if the value of the acquired real estate is equal to or exceeds $375,000.

  • The sale of a new property off-plan governed by VEFA contracts ensures financial bank guarantee for completion.

  • The VEFA contract is a mode of acquisition regulated by law. The French Civil Code is applicable in Mauritius for any property purchased.

  • Upon signing the contract and before completion of the works, the buyer becomes the owner of the land and the ongoing construction.

  • Opportunities for resale to foreigners in foreign currency.

  • Double taxation treaty signed with over 35 countries.


Sale in Future State of Completion

Contracts in the future state of completion offer increased security to buyers as they are accompanied by a Financial Completion Guarantee (FCG), a bank guarantee linked to the acquisition. In case of default by the developer, the bank ensures that the project is completed and delivered according to the planned specifications.

When purchasing a property off-plan, a reservation contract is also signed. This contract defines the terms and conditions under which the property can be purchased.

This contract provides for a procedure for payment and blocking of the reservation deposit on a notary or bank escrow account, ensuring the complete security of the reservist.

The security deposit can only be used at the end of the sales contract. The reservist is allowed to cancel their purchase and recover their deposit if the developer does not meet the deadlines specified in the contract.

Tax benefits

Mauritius is known for its wide range of tax

Benefits including :

  • No inheritance tax.
  • No IFI (Real Estate Wealth Tax) for residents.
  • No capital gains tax on real estate.
  • Personal income tax for residents is 15%, but for non-residents, it varies between 10% and 15% depending on the individual's annual net income.
  • No property tax or land tax.
  • No tax on interest and royalties.
  • Capital can be repatriated freely.
  • Corporate tax rates and value-added tax (VAT) are both 15%.

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Residence permit

A foreign national can obtain a permanent residence permit if they invest an amount equal to or greater than $375,000 in real estate through the Property Development Scheme (PDS).

This permit is granted to the buyer's family, including the spouse and children up to the age of 24.

Become the owner

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585,000 USD excl. VAT