Ecological concept

An ecological real estate project in Grand Baie

Nautica Villas is a collection of eco-friendly villas designed to reduce any pollution and energy losses. It limits pollution, reduces energy losses, and lowers energy needs. Our engineers, architects and construction teams have collaborated to optimise a sustainable and innovative architectural concept; bioclimatic architecture.

The layout of the villa is adapted to its environment, with openings that promote natural ventilation and a choice of eco-labelled building materials that minimise the carbon footprint. They are also equipped with photovoltaic solar panels, a rainwater recovery system, and energy-saving equipment.

Panneaux voltaiques 2

The first Off-grid Solar project
in Mauritius

Discover the benefits of photovoltaic panels:

  • Photovoltaic solar panels transform solar energy into electricity. This means that you are opting for cleaner electricity, with no waste production and no CO² emissions. Solar energy is an inexhaustible resource and, therefore, a sustainable investment.

  • Photovoltaic solar panels require little maintenance.

  • Optimal and aesthetic installation on the roof with a large surface area while preserving the living space.

  • On top of adding value to your property and saving on your electricity bills, you can benefit from an exemption on your taxes payable in Mauritius

An ecological
architecture for a sustainable future

  • Anti-reflective glazing

  • LED lighting

  • Natural ventilation and lighting

  • Rainwater harvesting

  • Roof Insulation

  • Equipment rated A+ or A++

  • Eco-Labels and recycled materials

  • Waste Management & Composting



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